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So. I've always been active in fandom, but mostly as a reader. Lately though, the amazing ladies from cookleta_etc have started me writing again - drabbles, mostly, but also two slightly longer ficlets as birthday presents to the lovely jehane_writes and wicked_music

The fics are posted to the community, but I figured it would be prudent to provide links here as well. Here goes:

Drabbles (AI7, Anthemic)

Over the loudspeakers, a little tinny (AI7, Cookleta) for wicked_music

Refrain from making 'knock knock' jokes (AI7, Cookleta) for jehane_writes

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This is the first time in over three years I decided to post an entry to the main journal, and it is to say:

Glitter Text Graphics -

Complete with glitter text, capslock and a lot of love for wicked_music, a friend of mine who helped me get into a new fandom and lose some decorum in exchange for a staggering amount of fun. I adore her, and hope that her next year is as wonderful as she is herself.

PS.: There might or might not be a birthday ficlet incoming. Yssa, darling? Anything you would like to prompt me with?
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It's been a while, hasn't it? Nearly a year, to be exact. Oh well, laziness coupled with a monstrous workload and being absent from home for nearly the whole holiday can have that effect. Still, I'm here, I'm - more or less - alive, and ready to begin writing again. So, here goes:

1. My family is still as dysfunctional as always (Mom - workaholic and insomniac, Gran - obsessive-compulsive and anal-retentive, both - authoritarian tendencies, me - born procrastinator) and we still love each other very much.

2. The little ones, Martine and Olivia, are growing wonderfully fast and amusing. My dearest cousin - and their older sister - tells me that they are spoiled and unbearable, but around me, they tend to behave. Caroline usually thanks me for the respite when I pop over.

3. In May, Mom bought a house. We were supposed to move before Christmas, but work at the site is slow-going and with all the modifications that are being done, we'll be lucky to do so before Easter. Considering the current situation in construction in Poland... yeah, lucky indeed.

4. 2nd grade of senior high started. Dodo joined us, Magda moved to the maths-profiled class, Raven changed schools, and we're one Wojciech short - he quietly 'transferred' out during last school year's last semesters. Last I heard, he was in a drug clinic, but that was a few months ago.

5. I still have no life. I read a lot (although nowhere near as much as I would have liked to, but the workload at school isn't just enormous, it's GINORMOUS), I write a bit, I've made a few closer friends and lost some others (Martha and Olga come to mind), and I watch 'Stargate SG1' compulsively as well as read fics in the fandom (I adore Sideburns from Area52).

6. I'm taking part in two Olympiads (Olympics?) again, but since I've already reached the countrywide finals in English last year and am excused from the extended-level 'matura' exam, I chose to concentrate on Polish. My chosen books on which I described the processes that the reader goes thorough while absorbing the text are: Azar Nafisi's 'Reading "Lolita" in Teheran. A Memoir In Books', Nabokov's 'Lolita' and 'An Invitation For A Beheading'. The theory of literature part (15 pages) was boring, but the books for the short literary analysis excellent, so I would say that they cancel each other out.

7. I still can't think of appropriate Christmas presents, and since I don't exactly live in the city centre and my family is overprotective, I can't even covertly go shopping. Fuck.

8. Decorating the tree this year was wildly anticlimactic.

9. I spent 3 weeks of this year's summer holiday in Cambridge and I loved it. The family I stayed with was nice, my roommate younger and had her own friends there, and the teacher at the summer course (Jonathan Lloyd) was cool, if a tad insane. And I was free to wander the city and buy far too many second-hand books, which I had to send home in a parcel since they wouldn't fit into the luggage.

10. Olga and I spent 10 days in Misdroy doing absolutely nothing and having a blast, even if her apparent propensity towards younger guys is slightly disturbing.

That's it - for now. I promise myself, here - I'll try to write more often. 'Try' being the key word, here.
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Okay, so perhaps the capital letters and the triple exclamation mark are somewhat of an exaggeration, but after those few days of tense athosphere at home, I became very jumpy indeed... and now, Gran's talking to me again! AND she cooked a whole batch of my favorite kind of 'pierogi' as an apology. Not that she told me so, but her actions were rather self-explanatory. I dare say that the effort I've put into actually bahaving paid off. Yay me!

Completely off topic, my ex-classmates Fish and Frankie (both guys, despite the names) enlightened me today that black, neatly pressed slacksand a cream turtleneck can *not* be called a 'casual outfit' or, as us poor uniformed ones called it, a 'civilian' one. I would pay them a bit more attention if I knew they were capable of recognizing fashion sense if it bit them on their asses, but as it is...

Oh, speaking of uniforms - Mr S., our much beloved English teacher, advised us against wearing our dress uniforms during the Olympiad in Poznań at the end of the month. When asked why, he mumbled something about 'keeping a low profile'. Not a good thing for a student to brag that you're from the highest ranked school in the region, apparently.

And thank the Lord, because *everyone* except our Headmaster admits that the dress uniforms are hideuos. Beetroot-red, black, and a white shirt with a collar. Shoot me now.

And I really should be studying right now, since the Olypiads are looming dangerously close, but to hell with it. I can spare half an hour out of memorizing Paul Auster's bioghraphy to write this entry and check my e-mails.

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Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku sobie życzę. Nie dość że się przeziębiłam w Sylwestra (ale ogólnie fajnie było), to jeszcze siedzę teraz w domu i - teoretycznie przynajmniej - dzielnie zakuwam do olimpiady z polskiego. Mniej teoretycznie spędzam czas na gapieniu się jak głupia w kartki z wszystkimi możliwymi i paroma nieistniejącymi chyba pierdołami o składni, histerycznym śmiechu (no dalej, powtarzajcie za mną: "podmiot epistemologiczny!!) i czytaniu ffców po angielsku. Przynajmniej trochę angielskiego się poduczę, w końcu z tej olimpiady też przeszłam.

A propos olimpiad - nigdy więcej! Nie, taką frajerką już nie będę, nie dam się zapędzić w dwie na raz!

Gówno prawda. Znam siebie na tyle, żeby wiedzieć, że w przyszłym roku będzie dokładnie to samo. Ech... Nie ma to jak być nadambitną.

Z dobrych wiadomości: dostałam 3.9 kg książek pod choinkę (zdążyłam przeczytać raptem dwie sztuki), i dorwałam książki Zajdla w EMPiK'u - "Cała prawda o planecie Ksi" (już jakiś czas temu), a ostatnio "Limes Inferior" i "Paradyzję". + "Czerwone dywany, odmierzony krok" Ziemkiewicza, które teraz czytam, + "Alterland" Wolskiego. Fajnie jest, tylko, cholera...

I can't stand my grandmother's behaviour anymore. I swear she's becoming more obsessive-compulsive every day. She had a hysterical fit over things not being neat in my cosmetics drawer (she threw most of is contents onto the floor, and hard. What if there had been something fragile there? A perfume bottle, for example? But she isn't thinking when she's like this, and it's scary in its own right.), my jumpers and shirts and blouses not being folded precisely into the same width and not stored by colours...

And now she's sitting in front of the TV, staring unseeing at the screen, and I know she has no idea as to what's going on in the yet another soap opera she's supposedly watching. Nearly comatose, and it took me a few minutes of softly talking and gently shaking her shoulders to get her eyes to focus on my face when I asked whether or not she wanted some tea. She just shook her head. It' like she's become mute, really, and she didn't even bother to pretend for Mum when she came home, just went back upstairs. And her left knee is bothering her again.

A few days ago, Aunt Christine collapsed. The ER got called, and while it wasn't a cardiac arrest, it was a close call, and we're all worried. It doesn't help that she has two extremely lively and young grandchildren to take care of and she's extremely overworked. She put the babysitting on hold for the few days she needed for necessary medical examinations, but as of today, she's back on 'duty'.

I feel so bloody helpless. And depressed, let's not forget depressed. My nerves are v. much frayed. Ah well. It could have been worse. No idea how, but it could have been worse.

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Heh... Another long break between the updates, but I guess that's to be expected... I have been studying for the English Olympiad. And I've passed the school level! 46 points out of 60, 2nd place in school, behind a guy from the graduating class, Maciek, who is positively scary, so he doesn't count :). Ada had 36, and we still don't know whether or not she has passed. Time will tell.

Right now, I'm supposed to be writing my Polish Olympiad essay on the life of words - semantic changes over the centuries. It's boring, and I'm bone-tired, and I think that I'll give this one up, even though I've already done a lot of work on it. Our form teacher, Mrs Seniów, will probably be disappointed, but it's not as if I am the only person partaking in the Olympiad this year. She has Agatha, Kasia, Siek, Andrew Crookedhand, and Eva, and that's only from our class (except from Siek). Taking that into consideration, I think she'll live through the disappointed.

Hence, I'm doing nothing. Well, at least nothing intellectually challenging. Reading Christopher Paolini's "Eldest" doesn't count, since it is light reading, and the only things I have to look up are the names of the plant and animal species (I STILL haven't found a good biological dictionary) and some architectural terms.

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Lech Kaczyński won. The fucking village idiots chose our president. Which means that PiS is going to have almost complete control over the country. And they're all fucking DUMB!

The cities voted for Tusk. Especially Szczecin - over 70% of our voters supported him. Not surprising, seeing as our city has A LOT of expierence with stupid presidents (vide - Marian Jurczyk). Not that it helped.

Fuck, I'm going to wear mourning black to school tomorrow. Mourning for the country. And I won't be the only one.

And the homophobic imbecile Janusz has been a part of the young PiS cadre for a few weeks. Fuck, he's sixteen, is he fucking INSANE to dabble into politics NOW? Does he have ANY idea how it's gonna look later on? And how dangerous it is?

And, to top it off, I studied PiS's economic promises. No fucking way they're going to make the ends meet, apart of the normal debt they would need additional 10 billion. If someone doesn't rein them in, they are going to strangle our economy.


I'm emmigrating. To Madagascar.
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We had a rpg session today. Well, we were supposed to, but since Grzesiek didn't bother showing up, we translated Andrew's postcard, which one of his acquaintances had written in Feanor's Tengwar, learning that alphabet, stuffing ourselves full of pepperoni pizza, and playing Heroes III with three people taking turns with 2 kingdoms. It was also fun.

My grandmother is doing her best to turn me into a nervous wreck, and very nearly succeeding. Today, she told me that she hated me. And in our language, 'nienawidzieć' means to abhor the very sight of something or somone, and to be unable to bear their presence. And yeah, I guess she hates me. She loves the Perfect Granddaughter she sees sometimes, when I, from time to time, do something right. And she hates me, because I get in the way of that illusion.

Bitter, much? Today - hell yeah.

And, to top it off, today's president election is likely to be won by Lech Kaczyński. Fuck.

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Oh dear. I just looked on my last update, and realised that it's been... a while. Lame, yes, I know, but what else is there to say? So, short update to myself on the last few months of my life:

1. I had the confirmation, 8th June to be exact, and I chose St. Sophie as my patron. There was suspiciously little legal trouble, and my Mom was my witness.

2. I graduated the Gymnasium, top of my class, with my friend Kate coming a close second. In the post-Gymnasium school, I scored 99 out of 100. It was the second score in the whole school, and I'm a bit glad that I didn't have a full 100. The guy who did is considered a bloody robot. On the downside, the guys in my English group still tease me. I mean, I understand that our school average was ridiculously high, but being pointed at and having three or four people at a time chant 'One point' since I supposedly bring down that average... is actually mildly amusing. I like them. So they have their quirks. So what.

3. I did nothing the whole holiday. Spent most of it in Misdroy, massacring the small town's library. So sue me.

4. I got easily accepted to my chosen Liceum (senior high school) - XIIIth. the class profile being humanistic. In retrospect, I should have gone the Olympic route - the level of Maths is shitty. And I mean, like, elemenary school. I'm bored out of my school during some lessons, and struggle with others (*hint* german *hint*). The people are good, though. 22 girls, 12 boys, from which 6 are from my old class. Olek, Maq, Martha, Ola and Eva. They're all right. Landed in the same class as Ada, so it's fine, too.
We have 3 Annes, 3 Kates, 3 Marthas, 3 Wojciechs, 2 Alexandras and 2 . It gets confusing, at times. But I'm well adjusted by now, if I do say so myself.

5. I actually became Olivia's Godmother. Her full name is Olivia Alexandra. She's just under a year old, and for the whole day of her christening, she decided to actually behave.
Most of the people in the room were gushing over her so sweetly I thought I would become diabetic. But what the heck, I don't blame them. I did, too. Well, that and I tried my best to avoid Aunt Theresa. I swear the woman is mental.

6. The Olympiads are closing in on me, and I know precisely nothing. Never fear, though. "Grendel" will defeat all the other mean competitors.
What? The book is GOOD, and it was on the reading list.

As of now, I'm slowly curing my cold. The thing is exceptionally stubborn, even for one of my illnesses, so I've been battling it close to two weeks, now. I feel I'm close to being victorious. Or at least well enough to go to the cinema today, for the film I had to watch for Monday's tv recording.
Yes, that's right I got involved with the local tv. Don't ask me how it happened, but ther's a bi-weekly programme about culture, a filmed discussion really, about all things cultural. And since last time we discussed a film from the 'moral anxiety' genre, this time we had to watch a... no idea how to cal it, other than complete and total crap. "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". I swear, little kids got up and out in the middle of the projection, but no, I had to prevail. I mean, IF you commit a gross over-interpretation you could say it's a metaphor of how a threatened society reacts, about people being closed-minded (village people, only thinking of the Giant Vegetables Contest), the police incompetent (Wallace), secret services running ragged (Gromit) and the army trigger-happy (Victor), while all of them want something from the oblivious country (Lady Tottington). And the main heroes being the main villains sometimes. But dammit, it's a movie for children! Which means a happy ending! With a FRIGGIN' BUNNY FARM! Whatever. At least The Big Carrot speech was funny.
Not that it made up for the whole movie's vegetable obsession. Or Wallace's seriously disturbing love affair with cheese. Or the device that sucked all the rabbits in. It was just plain... creepy. Yes, creepy is the word here. And infantile.

Yours disgustedly,

PS: I lost my faith in humanity today. On the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Competition, ABBA's "Waterloo" the Greatest Hit of All Time. It won in '74, and now today. And the song is such kitsch, too. And the group didn't even bother to show up.
Heh. I guess I'm just in a bitchy mood today.
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My latest life-threatening trouble is the confirmation. Yes, I'm catholic. Yes, I'm the right age. But I didn't feel I was ready at the beginning of the year, and I told the priest such, and he said 'All right, there will be other years.' I had my doubts, some problems with myself, then throw a little crisis of faith after my Grandfather's death, and I thought 'Hey, no sweat, I can go any time in the future, next year maybe?'. And while a few months ago I got a grip on myself, straightened out my beliefs and started paying attention to more spiritual aspects of life, I decided that, since the other people preparing have a tremendous head start, I should wait until next year.

And all was dandy until Aunt Iwona asked me to be little Oliwia's Godmother. You can't be a Godparent without the confirmation.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the priest, and hopefully, he will agree with m reasoning, especially seeing as I got a good opinion from our Religion teacher. But I'm nervous as hell, and it was Mum who set up the meeting, seeing that one of her workers is the priest's brother, and she said that she could hardly get the words to come out of her throat, the situation was so awkward, and I act like I don't care.

Also, my initiative in life (or rather lack thereof) was thoroughly discussed, and I had to agree. Mum is right, I HAVE to get a life besides the school and my books and the net. But I'm terrified, terrified of the uncertainty, of leaving my safe little academic world, but she made me realize that knowledge isn't enough to be fully human, and that I have to start taking responsibility for myself. Because until now, I really haven't.

And I still can't decide on my Saint Patron.
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