April 28th, 2005

lyrical Mello

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I just gave Piotr his "Good soldier Szwejk" DVD. Damn, but I haven't seen him this happy in a long time. But then, he has been searching for a copy of this movie for even longer, in three different countries, so he has a reason to be happy. And my Grandma's cooking should be illegal. I'm trying to loose some excess pounds before the ball, and if it continues like this? No way my dress is going to fit.

And to those that think I might be another one of those anorexic madwomen - no way in hell. I still eat, I still eat a lot, and I'm still a chocaholic. A bored, ill chocaholic with nothing to do but read (this time my victim is Emma Bull's "War for the Oaks", and hell, give me a good urban fantasy anytime) and eat. And possibly listen to some really depressing music.

Or maybe not so depresing. Enya sounds good about now.

And Zyg? You are the most annoying IMVTPOFN (Irritating Mental Voice That Pops Out Of Nowhere) I have ever dreamed of having, Liriel included. So either stop snorting at my choice of music, or I am going to a psychiatrist and getting rid of you.

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    Enya - "Fallen Embers"