October 24th, 2005

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Lech Kaczyński won. The fucking village idiots chose our president. Which means that PiS is going to have almost complete control over the country. And they're all fucking DUMB!

The cities voted for Tusk. Especially Szczecin - over 70% of our voters supported him. Not surprising, seeing as our city has A LOT of expierence with stupid presidents (vide - Marian Jurczyk). Not that it helped.

Fuck, I'm going to wear mourning black to school tomorrow. Mourning for the country. And I won't be the only one.

And the homophobic imbecile Janusz has been a part of the young PiS cadre for a few weeks. Fuck, he's sixteen, is he fucking INSANE to dabble into politics NOW? Does he have ANY idea how it's gonna look later on? And how dangerous it is?

And, to top it off, I studied PiS's economic promises. No fucking way they're going to make the ends meet, apart of the normal debt they would need additional 10 billion. If someone doesn't rein them in, they are going to strangle our economy.


I'm emmigrating. To Madagascar.
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