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All right, the post-gymnasium tests are finished. And I am moderately pleased with the results. Sure, I had authomatic full points from the humanistic(?) part, but I've hoped for a better score at the math/biology one. Not that 49 out of 50 (or so I think, after one of the portals posted the answers) is bad, but the one point I lost? Was for a dumb mistake. And now I don't have perfect scores. Gah.

And now, on top of everything, I caught the cold for good. Probably because I dared to laugh at authoressnebula. I swear it's allergic in origin, but I have no idea what might have caused it. Unless... Eureka! The new, pretty flowers I got three days ago from my Grandma. I mean, it must be it.

At least I'm staing home for the next week. I'm going to sleep 'til I can sleep no more, and nobody's gonna stop me! *insert manic laughter here* Oh shut up, Zygfryd. Like you don't like to do nothing at all too.


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