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Well, Mum still has a lot grovelling to do, but she's made a start, at last, what with the boquet of flowers (irises and yellow roses) she bought Gran. Then again, Gran has every right to be pissed off at her, and while she accepted the apology, she said that it would take her a while to forgive. I mean, calling Gran a 'kuchta'*? Never mind being drunk, Mum screwed that one up. Big time. Oh hell, at least she's trying.

She also took me to the doctor today, what with my misterious leg injury. And thank God she did, because while it looked to be healing on the outside, the flesh lost was being replaced hastily by a 3rd class material, so the wound had to be reopened and cleaned out of the 'wrong' flesh, so it could heal properly. Small as it is, it still hurt like a bitch. Might have something to do with the noticeable lack of anestethics, but then, doc said they would have hurt more than just doing it right away.

And darn, I'm glad Mum's paying for private medical insurance, 'cause if we'd had to wait normally, it would've taken at least four hours. Which in turn would've made us both extremely grumpy and irritable.

On a brighter note, thanks to the exams the soon-too-be graduates of senior high are taking, our class had the last two days free (well, mostly), but today Mrs Wardrobe dragged the whole class to the cinema, to see "Kingdom of Heaven". Wasn't bad, and I liked Bloom's characterization a lot more than the one from LotR, but I wanted to see the main hero, a blacksmith Balian turned knight's son turned knight turned crusader turned a lord turned the defender of Jerusalem die. Which he didn't. Which in turn really pissed me off, because I had spent the second half of the film really wanting to visit the bathroom and not doing so for fear of missing the one and only scene. At least I sat next to Olga and we had some good laughs.

Bought myself a Ben Bova book, "Mars" to be exact. Yum.

It's raining all day. God, how I love rain.


* a Polish derogatory name for a kitchen servant, the lowest of the low, and one that doesn't fulfill their purpose well too

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