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My leg injury is getting better. Slowly. Which means that my family won't let me out of the house. Which in turn would usually be a good thing, but seeing (or NOT, as the case may be) that my right eye has some delusions of grandeaur too and I had to switch my contact lenses for old, too weak glasses, I'm not allowed to :

1. Even switch the computer on, and Gran is so going to kill me if she catches me writing this entry.

2. Read. I'm reading Ben Bova's "Mars" when nobody's looking. Darn, who knew that my biology teacher had good taste when it comes to science-fiction books? Ah well, I'll have to thank her for the author recommendation.

3. Draw. You have to strain your eyes too much to see the lines on the paper. I finished a few sketches, but nothing major.

4.Write. Requires either the use of a pen and some paper, *snark* or a computer, so it's out.

5. Knit. And I mean, how much does knitting strain the eyes? Nevermind.

6. Do anything that actually requires the use of eyesight for anything other than not bumping into walls.

And considering my leg injury, I can't even do any strenous physical activities. So, I'm spending my time basically laying on the ed and staring at the v. blurry ceiling. I'm bored out of my freaking mind.


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