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Oh dear. I just looked on my last update, and realised that it's been... a while. Lame, yes, I know, but what else is there to say? So, short update to myself on the last few months of my life:

1. I had the confirmation, 8th June to be exact, and I chose St. Sophie as my patron. There was suspiciously little legal trouble, and my Mom was my witness.

2. I graduated the Gymnasium, top of my class, with my friend Kate coming a close second. In the post-Gymnasium school, I scored 99 out of 100. It was the second score in the whole school, and I'm a bit glad that I didn't have a full 100. The guy who did is considered a bloody robot. On the downside, the guys in my English group still tease me. I mean, I understand that our school average was ridiculously high, but being pointed at and having three or four people at a time chant 'One point' since I supposedly bring down that average... is actually mildly amusing. I like them. So they have their quirks. So what.

3. I did nothing the whole holiday. Spent most of it in Misdroy, massacring the small town's library. So sue me.

4. I got easily accepted to my chosen Liceum (senior high school) - XIIIth. the class profile being humanistic. In retrospect, I should have gone the Olympic route - the level of Maths is shitty. And I mean, like, elemenary school. I'm bored out of my school during some lessons, and struggle with others (*hint* german *hint*). The people are good, though. 22 girls, 12 boys, from which 6 are from my old class. Olek, Maq, Martha, Ola and Eva. They're all right. Landed in the same class as Ada, so it's fine, too.
We have 3 Annes, 3 Kates, 3 Marthas, 3 Wojciechs, 2 Alexandras and 2 . It gets confusing, at times. But I'm well adjusted by now, if I do say so myself.

5. I actually became Olivia's Godmother. Her full name is Olivia Alexandra. She's just under a year old, and for the whole day of her christening, she decided to actually behave.
Most of the people in the room were gushing over her so sweetly I thought I would become diabetic. But what the heck, I don't blame them. I did, too. Well, that and I tried my best to avoid Aunt Theresa. I swear the woman is mental.

6. The Olympiads are closing in on me, and I know precisely nothing. Never fear, though. "Grendel" will defeat all the other mean competitors.
What? The book is GOOD, and it was on the reading list.

As of now, I'm slowly curing my cold. The thing is exceptionally stubborn, even for one of my illnesses, so I've been battling it close to two weeks, now. I feel I'm close to being victorious. Or at least well enough to go to the cinema today, for the film I had to watch for Monday's tv recording.
Yes, that's right I got involved with the local tv. Don't ask me how it happened, but ther's a bi-weekly programme about culture, a filmed discussion really, about all things cultural. And since last time we discussed a film from the 'moral anxiety' genre, this time we had to watch a... no idea how to cal it, other than complete and total crap. "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". I swear, little kids got up and out in the middle of the projection, but no, I had to prevail. I mean, IF you commit a gross over-interpretation you could say it's a metaphor of how a threatened society reacts, about people being closed-minded (village people, only thinking of the Giant Vegetables Contest), the police incompetent (Wallace), secret services running ragged (Gromit) and the army trigger-happy (Victor), while all of them want something from the oblivious country (Lady Tottington). And the main heroes being the main villains sometimes. But dammit, it's a movie for children! Which means a happy ending! With a FRIGGIN' BUNNY FARM! Whatever. At least The Big Carrot speech was funny.
Not that it made up for the whole movie's vegetable obsession. Or Wallace's seriously disturbing love affair with cheese. Or the device that sucked all the rabbits in. It was just plain... creepy. Yes, creepy is the word here. And infantile.

Yours disgustedly,

PS: I lost my faith in humanity today. On the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Competition, ABBA's "Waterloo" the Greatest Hit of All Time. It won in '74, and now today. And the song is such kitsch, too. And the group didn't even bother to show up.
Heh. I guess I'm just in a bitchy mood today.

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