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We had a rpg session today. Well, we were supposed to, but since Grzesiek didn't bother showing up, we translated Andrew's postcard, which one of his acquaintances had written in Feanor's Tengwar, learning that alphabet, stuffing ourselves full of pepperoni pizza, and playing Heroes III with three people taking turns with 2 kingdoms. It was also fun.

My grandmother is doing her best to turn me into a nervous wreck, and very nearly succeeding. Today, she told me that she hated me. And in our language, 'nienawidzieć' means to abhor the very sight of something or somone, and to be unable to bear their presence. And yeah, I guess she hates me. She loves the Perfect Granddaughter she sees sometimes, when I, from time to time, do something right. And she hates me, because I get in the way of that illusion.

Bitter, much? Today - hell yeah.

And, to top it off, today's president election is likely to be won by Lech Kaczyński. Fuck.


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