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Heh... Another long break between the updates, but I guess that's to be expected... I have been studying for the English Olympiad. And I've passed the school level! 46 points out of 60, 2nd place in school, behind a guy from the graduating class, Maciek, who is positively scary, so he doesn't count :). Ada had 36, and we still don't know whether or not she has passed. Time will tell.

Right now, I'm supposed to be writing my Polish Olympiad essay on the life of words - semantic changes over the centuries. It's boring, and I'm bone-tired, and I think that I'll give this one up, even though I've already done a lot of work on it. Our form teacher, Mrs Seniów, will probably be disappointed, but it's not as if I am the only person partaking in the Olympiad this year. She has Agatha, Kasia, Siek, Andrew Crookedhand, and Eva, and that's only from our class (except from Siek). Taking that into consideration, I think she'll live through the disappointed.

Hence, I'm doing nothing. Well, at least nothing intellectually challenging. Reading Christopher Paolini's "Eldest" doesn't count, since it is light reading, and the only things I have to look up are the names of the plant and animal species (I STILL haven't found a good biological dictionary) and some architectural terms.


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