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Okay, so perhaps the capital letters and the triple exclamation mark are somewhat of an exaggeration, but after those few days of tense athosphere at home, I became very jumpy indeed... and now, Gran's talking to me again! AND she cooked a whole batch of my favorite kind of 'pierogi' as an apology. Not that she told me so, but her actions were rather self-explanatory. I dare say that the effort I've put into actually bahaving paid off. Yay me!

Completely off topic, my ex-classmates Fish and Frankie (both guys, despite the names) enlightened me today that black, neatly pressed slacksand a cream turtleneck can *not* be called a 'casual outfit' or, as us poor uniformed ones called it, a 'civilian' one. I would pay them a bit more attention if I knew they were capable of recognizing fashion sense if it bit them on their asses, but as it is...

Oh, speaking of uniforms - Mr S., our much beloved English teacher, advised us against wearing our dress uniforms during the Olympiad in Poznań at the end of the month. When asked why, he mumbled something about 'keeping a low profile'. Not a good thing for a student to brag that you're from the highest ranked school in the region, apparently.

And thank the Lord, because *everyone* except our Headmaster admits that the dress uniforms are hideuos. Beetroot-red, black, and a white shirt with a collar. Shoot me now.

And I really should be studying right now, since the Olypiads are looming dangerously close, but to hell with it. I can spare half an hour out of memorizing Paul Auster's bioghraphy to write this entry and check my e-mails.


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