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It's been a while, hasn't it? Nearly a year, to be exact. Oh well, laziness coupled with a monstrous workload and being absent from home for nearly the whole holiday can have that effect. Still, I'm here, I'm - more or less - alive, and ready to begin writing again. So, here goes:

1. My family is still as dysfunctional as always (Mom - workaholic and insomniac, Gran - obsessive-compulsive and anal-retentive, both - authoritarian tendencies, me - born procrastinator) and we still love each other very much.

2. The little ones, Martine and Olivia, are growing wonderfully fast and amusing. My dearest cousin - and their older sister - tells me that they are spoiled and unbearable, but around me, they tend to behave. Caroline usually thanks me for the respite when I pop over.

3. In May, Mom bought a house. We were supposed to move before Christmas, but work at the site is slow-going and with all the modifications that are being done, we'll be lucky to do so before Easter. Considering the current situation in construction in Poland... yeah, lucky indeed.

4. 2nd grade of senior high started. Dodo joined us, Magda moved to the maths-profiled class, Raven changed schools, and we're one Wojciech short - he quietly 'transferred' out during last school year's last semesters. Last I heard, he was in a drug clinic, but that was a few months ago.

5. I still have no life. I read a lot (although nowhere near as much as I would have liked to, but the workload at school isn't just enormous, it's GINORMOUS), I write a bit, I've made a few closer friends and lost some others (Martha and Olga come to mind), and I watch 'Stargate SG1' compulsively as well as read fics in the fandom (I adore Sideburns from Area52).

6. I'm taking part in two Olympiads (Olympics?) again, but since I've already reached the countrywide finals in English last year and am excused from the extended-level 'matura' exam, I chose to concentrate on Polish. My chosen books on which I described the processes that the reader goes thorough while absorbing the text are: Azar Nafisi's 'Reading "Lolita" in Teheran. A Memoir In Books', Nabokov's 'Lolita' and 'An Invitation For A Beheading'. The theory of literature part (15 pages) was boring, but the books for the short literary analysis excellent, so I would say that they cancel each other out.

7. I still can't think of appropriate Christmas presents, and since I don't exactly live in the city centre and my family is overprotective, I can't even covertly go shopping. Fuck.

8. Decorating the tree this year was wildly anticlimactic.

9. I spent 3 weeks of this year's summer holiday in Cambridge and I loved it. The family I stayed with was nice, my roommate younger and had her own friends there, and the teacher at the summer course (Jonathan Lloyd) was cool, if a tad insane. And I was free to wander the city and buy far too many second-hand books, which I had to send home in a parcel since they wouldn't fit into the luggage.

10. Olga and I spent 10 days in Misdroy doing absolutely nothing and having a blast, even if her apparent propensity towards younger guys is slightly disturbing.

That's it - for now. I promise myself, here - I'll try to write more often. 'Try' being the key word, here.

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